Free Final Cut Studio Tutorial Videos

Below you will find 19 tutorial movies (all free), that cover Final Cut Pro 7, Motion 4, Compressor 3.5, Soundtrack Pro 3 and Color 1.5. Each tutorial is produced by Apple-certified trainers who are industry leaders in their respective fields of expertise.

Final Cut Pro 7: Produced by Steve Martin and Brian Gary
Motion 4: Produced by Mark Spencer
Compressor 3.5: Produced by Brian Gary
Soundtrack Pro 3: Produced by Steve Martin
Color 1.5: Produced by Alexis Van Hurkman

QuickTime 7 or above required to watch these tutorials. A fast internet connection is also recommended.

The total running time for all 19 movies is 78 minutes (give or take a second or two). So go get a sandwich, kick back and enjoy the presentation. Thanks for watching.

Final Cut Pro 7

Final Cut Pro is arguably the best video editing software in the history of the universe. Hyperbole aside, it’s no secret that we love this software, and with the introduction of Final Cut Pro 7, the best is now even better. Below are 7 tutorial movies showcasing what are likely to be the most talked about, if not the most requested features of Final Cut Pro 7. We’re therefore referring to these tutorials as Final Cut Pro “7 on 7”.

New Speed Tools

Steve shows you how to leverage the new and improved Speed Tools in Final Cut Pro 7. They are easy to use and fun to work with. [Time: 10:33]

Global Transitions

Add multiple transitions to your sequences in a single operation. Apply transitions to a range of clips or an entire sequence of clips. [Time: 4:09]

Improved Markers

Markers perform a wide variety of editorial tasks. In Final Cut Pro 7, markers have been given a face lift making them even more useful.[Time: 5:46]

Alpha Transitions

Create unique and visually interesting transitions based on QuickTime movies. Then apply and modify them in any Final Cut Pro 7 project. [Time: 7:00]

iChat Theater

Efficient collaboration no longer requires being in the same city or even in the same room. Brian will show you how iChat Theater is a boon to his work on the MavTV show “Speed Freaks”. [Time: 3:29]

Apple ProRes Family

Meet 3 new additions to the ProRes family. Whatever your production workflow, there’s now a version of ProRes that’s tailored for the job. [Time: 4:22]

Output to Blu-Ray

Easy Export your Final Cut Pro projects to iPod, iPhone, MobileMe, YouTube and (drum roll please) Blu-ray disc. Output to any or all of these formats using the new Share menu. [Time: 4:07]

Motion 4

Mark Spencer, Ripple Training’s resident professor on all things Motion, walks you through the new 3D tools and enhanced text features of Motion 4.

Reflections & Shadows

Mark shows you how to create more realistic lighting effects using Motion 4’s new Reflections and Shadows options. [Time: 2:42]

New Camera Features

Simulate the focus range of a camera with the new Depth of Field option. Re-orient the camera from one layer or group to another using the new Camera Framing Behavior. [Time: 3:34]

Credit Tools

Create animated text scrolls from any word processing document that has been saved in the Rich Text Format. [Time: 1:53]

New Text Tools

Animate individual characters with the new Adjust Glyph tool. Apply transformations to all characters using the new Text Sequencing Tool.[Time: 3:24]

Compressor 3.5

Compressor 3.5 offers even greater simplicity and automation than previous versions. And now with Compressor 3.5’s new publishing options, it’s easier than ever to encode and deliver to Apple devices, MobileMe, YouTube, DVD and the much ballyhooed Blu-ray disc format. Learn from master compressionist Brian Gary as he explains how these new tools will increase your productivity and your output.

Send to Compressor

Encode media for Apple devices, the web, DVD and Blu-ray discs using Final Cut Pro’s new Send To command. And best of all, continue working in Final Cut Pro while your movies encode in the background![Time: 2:19]

Batch Template Workflow

Produce Blu-ray compatible media on either standard DVDs or Blu-ray Discs by using Compressor 3.5’s new Batch Template feature. Compressor makes it easy to create the final media and publish it to an optical format or online destination in one simple operation. [Time: 5:19]

Droplets & Settings

Automate redundant workflows with the improved Droplets application.Use the new Auto Detect Settings feature to quickly create compression presets based on existing media’s metadata. [Time: 3:34]

Soundtrack Pro 3

With Soundtrack Pro 3 comes even more powerful audio restoration tools. Steve Martin will show you how Soundtrack Pro 3 makes quick work out of fixing common audio problems encountered during on-location shooting.

Voice Level Match

Soundtrack Pro 3 now features a voice level match algorithm that intelligently evens out the volume levels between two clips that contain voice or dialogue. [Time: 2:34]

Enhanced File Editor

Surgically remove or reduce unwanted sounds in your audio files using the Frequency Selection Tool and the Adjust Amplitude command from the Process menu. [Time: 3:14]

Color 1.5

Color 1.5 includes some significant changes that make working in Color even more efficient. Filmmaker and colorist Alexis Van Hurkman will show you some off his personal favorites.

General Improvements

Color 1.5 adds some new keyboard shortcuts that will be familiar to any Final Cut Pro user. Additionally, text and number fields have been given new functionality. [Time: 3:17]

Color FX Improvements

Work with the new Curve Node parameters to adjust individual color channels; quickly apply a shape when using the Vignette node and copy and paste nodes when working in the node view. [Time: 1:41]

Timeline Drag & Drop

Alexis shows you his favorite new feature – adding grades to multiple shots in the timeline using simple drag and drop actions. [Time: 2:01]