5rt Adding Accents and Other Symbols in Final Cut Pro


Adding Language Accents and Other Symbols in Final Cut
By Andrew Balis

Sometimes you are faced with having to write a foreign name or location when working with the US keyboard layout. Here we'll look at using the OS X Character Palette to add characters like: ? or ? or any type of accent over a letter, other related and non-related symbols, webdings and a host of different images.

1. Go to the Apple menu > System Preferences.

2. Click on the International button.

3. In the next window that opens, click the Input Menu button.

4. Make sure the Character Palette checkbox is checked, as well as the box in the lower left corner of the window to display the character palette icon in your menu bar.

Now close the System Preferences

5. To open the character palette, go to the upper right hand corner of your screen and click on the little American Flag (this assumes you are using a US keyboard layout), and choose Show Character Palette.

This window will float above your FCP windows so don't worry about it slipping behind any windows.

6. In Final Cut, open a text generator from the Effects tab of the Browser, or from the Generator pop up menu in the lower right corner of the Viewer.

7. Place the text generator in the Timeline and open it back into the Viewer then click on to the Controls tab. Choose a font from the pull down menu, and click into the text field to type your text. When you run into a character that requires and accent over the letter, click into the Character Palette to locate the appropriate letter and symbol. Be sure to leave the cursor active in the text field (in other words, don't click elsewhere in Final Cut) and go straight to the Character Palette.

In the Character Palette, there are several different ways to finding symbols and letters so we'll just look at a couple. Choose Glyph from the upper left corner of the window under the View menu. For these (and many) circumstances, it doesn't matter if the font in the Character Palette is different from the font in Final Cut Pro. Final Cut's font will override the Palette's and the letter will appear correctly in the FCP chosen font.

8. Scroll down the list of characters until you reach the right one. Make sure the text field in Final Cut is still active (the cursor should be flashing in the text field) and double-click on the character in the Character Palette. The character is added to where the cursor is in the text generator. Very cool!

This is also a helpful way to find other symbols as well. To find common symbols like a copyright symbol, simply scroll down the list.

9. To view webding symbols, choose the Webdings font in FCP, and choose the Webdings font in the Character Palette.

10. To find arrows, currency symbols and more, switch to the Roman view from the upper left drop down menu.

Now you can add symbols, accents, and even Greek to your FCP titles!