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We're excited about the video-capable iPods. As a training company we're always looking for unique ways to engage our audience. To that end, the iPod is a dream come true. Quicktime content can now be emancipated from the computer and placed in the palm of your hands - literally.

If you're part of the ear-budded masses that prefer your content "on-the-go", we now offer you iPod-friendly podcasts we've dubbed "Ripplecasts".   Ripplecasts are free Quicktime movies and tutorials created by our Apple-certified trainers that cover a range of software and hardware-related subjects. 

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You can have our Ripplecasts appear in your iTunes application automatically by subscribing to our feed.   Just follow the steps below:

1. Click the link below to launch iTunes. You must be using iTunes 6 or higher.

click here to receive the iTunes feed

2. Once in iTunes click the Subscribe button next to our logo

3. In the Podcasts directory of iTunes your movie will begin downloading

4. Click the Settings buttons to control how often iTunes checks for new ripplecasts.


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Ripplecasts now showing in iTunes

Below is a list of movies currently available from within iTunes.

Shake 4 FCP Users

Integrate Shake into your Final Cut Studio Workflow


Using Shake to Remove the Shakes - 7:38 - 12/07/06

Learn how to send a clip from Final Cut Pro to Shake and smooth the camera motion of a famous pirate ship.

Final Cut Studio

The greatest tip tricks and timesavers for Final Cut Studio in the podcasting universe!


Soundtrack Pro - Get on the Bus - 4:03 - 1/19/07

Create a bus to apply effects to multiple tracks


Motion - "Cops" Revisited - 2:41 - 1/06/07

Protect the identities of your on-camera subjects


FCP - Animated Text Highlight - 4:11 - 12/06/06

Create an animated light pass over your FCP titles


FCP - Match Frame Speed Changes - 4:32 - 12/05/06

Change the speed of your clips in the Timeline using the Match Frame command


Create a iWeb Screener Site - 2:52 - 06/30/06

Create a movie screener page in iWeb .


FCP - Blink, Blink - 5:46 - 6/29/06

Use the Blink filter to cut to the beat of the music


DVDSP - Subtitle Sanity - 4:56 - 7/10/06

Translate FCP subtitles into DVDSP subtitles


Soundtrack Pro - Using Multiple Outputs - 4:32 - 4/14/06

Leverage STP's multiple output channels to create submixes.


DVDSP - Item Description Files - 2:53 - 4/04/06

Share elements such as menus, tracks and slideshows between projects.


FCP - Boris Vector Shape Generator - 4:52 - 4/04/06

This is a great technique for instructional videos, documentaries or any subject that requires visual underscoring.


Motion - Caffeinated Text - 3:32 - 4/03/06

Learn how to create frenetic or jittery text - which is a fairly common effect in commercials and bumpers.


Canon XL H1

Explore the ins and outs of Canon's new high-def camcorder in this weekly series beginning Jan 24.


Episode 7 - The Jack Pack - 2:58 - 5/04/06

Just the facts jack on the H1's Jack Pack.


Episode 6 - The DiGiC Chip - 5:11 - 4/03/06

Get inside the brain of the H1, the DiGiC chip.


Episode 5 - HDV Workflow - 4:43 - 3/08/06

Brian and Canon's Tim Smith discuss HDV image quality, workflow and archiving


Episode 3 & 4 - 5:35 - 2/27/06

Get inside the "guts" of the H1 camcorder. Exlore the CCDs and the "mysterious" 24F (frame) recording mode.


Episode 2 - 20X High Definition Lens - 3:57 - 2/13/06

Take a close look at the H1's totally redesigned lens


Episode 1 - HDV & 1080i Uncompressed - 5:33 - 1/24/06

Is the H1 really a full-fledged HD camera? Brian gets the answers in this premiere episode.


Podcasting 101

Learn the fundamentals of podcasting in these short but info-packed episodes.


Backing up iTunes Media - 6:03 - 1/4/06

In this very practical podcast, Brian gives you several strategies for backing up your iTunes media files.


To Vlog or Not to Vlog - 5:25 - 12/21/05

Part 2 of a 2 part podcast. Brian covers "the Vlogosphere" and how you can take advantage of broadcasting's new paradigm


To Cast or Not to Cast - 6:01 - 11/28/05

Part 1 of a 2 part podcast. Brian covers how to make your iPod movies accesible in iTunes.


Automator for the People - 4:30 - 11/14/05

Save time by using the Automator to batch encode your iPod-bound QuickTime movies.


Podcasting 101 - 4:54 - 11/07/05

In our first podcast, Brian Gary walks you through the fundamentals of creating movies for your iPod.


Watermarking using Compressor - 3:17 - 11/07/05

Learn how to add watermarks to your encoding jobs using Compressor.


Watermarking using Final Cut Pro - 6:03 11/07/05

Create elegant watermarks to protect your video or credit others using Final Cut Pro's composite modes


Introduction to Aperture

A series of 9 podcasts to get you up and running in Aperture.


Aperture #1 - Photo Management - 3:20 - 11/29/05

Photo management - Sort, stack and compare thousands of images.


Aperture #2 - Working with Metadata - 3:24 - 11/25/05

Find, manage and display your images with Aperture's powerful metadata tools


Aperture #3 - Building a Website - 2:30 - 12/03/05

Learn how to use Aperture's web authoring tools to create online proofs and showcase your work.


Aperture #4 - Custom Photo Books - 2:25 - 12/4/05

Learn how to create a professionally designed and bound photo book.


Aperture #5 - Versioning - 1:51 - 12/14/05

Edit multiple versions of your photos without ever touching your digital masters.


Aperture #6 - Color Management - 2:24 - 12/19/05

Keep your photos at the highest level of color fidelity possible.


Aperture #7 - Library Management- 2:55 - 12/29/05

Manage your library with projects, albums, folders and smart albums.


Aperture #8 - Printing- 2:17 - 1/17/06

Manage your library with projects, albums, folders and smart albums.


Aperture #9 - Working RAW - 3:57 - 2/05/06

Edit your RAW images non destructively. Learn how to batch process your photos with the lift and stamp tool.