5rt Importing iDVD Projects into DVD Studio Pro


Importing iDVD projects into DVD Studio Pro

Many of us began authoring DVDs with iDVD long before we took the plunge into DVD Studio Pro. That being the case, you might be happy to learn that DVD Studio Pro 3 can actually open all your legacy iDVD projects should you decide you want to enhance them with DVD Studio Pro's more expansive feature set.

Here is an iDVD project using a 4.0 Theme. I've changed the title, created a button link to the movie and added a clip to the submerged picture frame.

1. To import the text file, control or right-click in the gray space above the ruler area in the track editor. Additionally, you can right-click directly on the clip itself. Choose Import Marker List from the menu

2. Navigate to your text file and click "Open" 

DVD Studio Pro displays a progress bar as the project is being imported.


Your iDVD project is now open in DVD Studio Pro with all the assets, links and button styles completely intact.

3. Change the Project in DVD Studio Pro any way you wish replacing text, menu backgrounds or even adding to the dvdв‚„s navigational structure.

4. Once you've made your changes you can save the converted menu theme into a template you can pull up later in DVD Studio Pro.