Learn to Record, Edit, and Mix in Logic Pro X

We’ve created a series of tutorials that form a learning path that takes you from a beginning level user to a professional level editor in Logic Pro X. Build your own projects with included project media to practice and improve the skills you need as a Logic Pro X editor.

Start Here:
Created for users with no previous Logic Pro X experience.

Creating Music:
Learn to create music and soundtracks from scratch.

Essential techniques from professional instructors.

Musician Bundle
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Beginning Logic Pro X Tutorials for the Music Professional

Start Here

Getting Started in Logic Pro X with Mary Plummer

This tutorial teaches you how to create professional-sounding music and soundtracks using Apple’s powerful and versatile music production software. For the musician and non-musician alike.

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Instrument, Vocal, and Music Score Tutorials for Logic Pro X


Guitars and Bass in Logic Pro with Mary Plummer

A rockin’ tutorial that’s focused on recording, manipulating and mastering guitar and bass tracks. You don’t even need to play guitar to make great sounding tracks on your next project using Logic Pro X.

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Editing and Mixing Song Vocals in Logic Pro X with Mary Plummer

Editing & Mixing Song Vocals in Logic Pro X is a 3 hour tutorial focused on cleaning up, expanding, and refining the human voice as part of a musical performance.

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Music Scoring for Video in Logic Pro with Mary Plummer

Unleash your inner John Williams by showing you the secrets of creating evocative scores and soundscapes for your films or videos using Logic’s powerful Synth and Percussion instruments.

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Musician Bundle

Logic Pro X Musician Bundle with Mary Plummer

The Complete Logic Pro training bundle focusing on recording, scoring, and arranging compositions.

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Post-Production Tutorials for Logic Pro X


Audio Post for Video in Logic Pro X with Mary Plummer

Explore and learn real-world audio post production techniques as you build, fix, mix and ultimately output and mix a soundtrack from a short film using Logic Pro X.

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Working with Dialogue & Voice in Logic Pro X with Mary Plummer

An indispensable tutorial that focuses on recording, editing and mixing dialogue, voiceover, narration and song vocals.

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