Digital Distribution & Encoding with Compressor

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Digital Distribution & Encoding with Compressor will provide all you need for understanding the real power of Compressor behind its simple interface and straightforward workflow.

Digital Distribution and Encoding in Compressor

Finishing your movie in Final Cut Pro may be the end of editorial, but it merely marks the beginning of the journey where you share your masterpiece with the world. Unlike standard tape-based delivery, digital distribution comes in many forms and formats from something physical like a DVD all the way to a QuickTime movie playing on an iPhone. Fortunately, Compressor delivers media in all the main digital formats right from the start.

By the time you have completed this tutorial, you’ll fully understand the core workflow within Compressor that creates: DVDs; Blu-ray Discs; movies for upload to YouTube, Facebook and Vimeo; movies for all the Apple Devices; and professional formats such as Apple ProRes, Image Sequences, and Uncompressed video.

You will then build on the fundamentals and learn the full power of Compressor as a hub for managing the volume of transcoding work — whether it’s turning the mass of daily production media into work files or specifically targeting delivery to a unique device or platform — this tutorial will show you how to efficiently and effectively manage all of your digital distribution needs.

Lastly, the tutorial covers advanced features such as: producing a compliant package for delivery to the iTunes Store*; understanding the power of Apple ProRes and when to employ each of the various formats; and maximizing your available computing resources by harnessing distributed processing.

*Requires an agreement with an Apple Authorized delivery partner.

About the Author:

Brian Gary
Brian Gary is an award winning filmmaker (producer, writer, director, editor). His three part mini-series, Jefferson Davis, An American President (PBS) garnered multiple Best Documentary of the Year awards. As an executive producer in television, Brian has developed several projects including: Crusaders (SpikeTV); Stephen King's Bag of Bones (A&E); Capitol Crimes (Slingshot Global Media) written by Eric Overmyer; and Capa a six-hour limited series on the life of famed war photographer Robert Capa. He is a sought after screenwriter and his feature film scripts for Bride, Gone Elvis and Warrior Rising are in active development. Brian has also directed, produced and edited festival awarded independent films; and executive produced and edited the long-running reality series SpeedFreaks (ESPN). An award winning playwright, Brian Gary is also an active member of the WGA and a published poet and author.


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