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Using the RT 3D Title for Final Cut Pro X
By Steve Martin & Mark Spencer

3D Text is commonplace in news graphics, bumpers and commercials. Using Ripple Training's new 3D Title, you can now give your Final Cut Pro X titles weight and dimension.

You can download the RT 3D Title by clicking this link

In the Titles Browser, select the Custom category, then locate the RT 3D Text.  Drag the title into or above the Primary Storyline.

With the 3D Title clip selected, press Command-4 to reveal the Inspector window. The Published Parameters for the 3D Title are found by clicking the Title button at the top of the Inspector.  You can reposition and edit the text in one of 2 ways:  

1. Double click the text object directly in the Viewer.  The text will highlight, allowing you to change it.  Reposition the text by dragging  on the target circle directly below the text. 

2. With the text clip selected in the Timeline, click the Text button at the top of the Inspector, then enter your text. Reposition the text by dragging on the X and Y Position scrubbers.

To change the text extrusion's depth and position, press your Escape key to exit out of text editing mode, then drag on the Circle Target to interactively change the amount and angle of the extrusion.

To change the Text Face, click the Text button at the top of the Inspector, then use the Face parameter controls to modify the color, opacity and blur.

To change the text extrusion, use the Outline parameter controls to add an outline and change the extrusion color, opacity and width.

To further modify the look of the text, click the Title button at the top of the Inspector, then use the Face Brightness, Front Brightness and Back Brightness parameter controls. These sliders essentially control how much light is cast on the various surfaces of the text.

We've also given you the ability to apply a gradient to the text extrusion.  Choose "Gradient" from the Extrude Style pop-up menu, then use the Gradient controls to change the color, opacity and location of the grandient.

For a really awesome 3D title effect, add the RT Simple 3D effect to the title so you can manipulate the text in 3D space. Drag the RT Simple 3D effect directly onto the title clip with the RT 3D Text applied. If you are wondering where to find the RT Simple 3D Effect, you'll find it here.

Click the Video button in the Inspector, then use the parameter controls listed under RT Simple 3D.  In the image below, the text has been rotated around the Y axis and the text position has been changed.  You may need to go back to the 3D text parameter controls to change the angle and dimension of the extusion in order to sell the effect.  But ya gotta admit, pretty dang cool 3D effect. 

Image courtesy of iStockphoto.com