50p on a 25p timeline

/50p on a 25p timeline
50p on a 25p timeline2016-02-03T11:07:40-07:00

I saw your tutorial on rate conforming. I have a 5 min video shot at 50p and when I placed in a 25p project I expected to see it go from 5 min to 10 min. I have checked the inspector and for the project it confirms 25p and the clip confirms 50p.

I then open the Rate conform and what I have is Floor, Nearest Neighbour, optical flow and frame blending. Now after having viewed your video on this subject I don’t get the results that were demonstrated.


Your clip will be 100% longer!!! Best wishes fron the British pedant.


You will only see the 50p clip conformed when you apply the Automatic Speed setting in the Retiming menu. Once you do, then you’ll see the speed change applied and your clip will indeed become 50% longer in duration

Steve, Thanks so much. Just tried it and now all as it should be.