Audio synching problem after exporting (sharing) out of FCPX

/Audio synching problem after exporting (sharing) out of FCPX
Audio synching problem after exporting (sharing) out of FCPX2017-02-25T16:44:54-07:00

Brand new to FCPX (and any other video editing program).  After purchasing countless training courses and plugins through RippleTraining (they are fantastic learning platforms) over the last few weeks, I finally got to the point of finishing up my very first project and exporting it out of FCPX.  After exporting (in many different ways), my video does not sync up with my audio.  So, so, so sad after so many hours of playing and learning how to use the basics of a video editing program (FCPX).  If anyone has any suggestions and/or feedback that would be hugely appreciated.  I have been reading a ton of articles, looking at a lot of YouTube videos, etc., and they are all Greek to me.

Please, help from anyone.  I thought I was learning a new exciting hobby, but, I may be over my head.



Hi, Lenny, sorry for the delayed response.

One thing that can cause problems is when the audio sample rate for your project doesn’t match the audio used within the project.

It’s hard to say what’s causing the problem without more information.

When the video is out of sync, does it seem consistently off throughout the video, or does it get progressively worse during playback?
Also, is the audio perfectly sync’d throughout your project in Final Cut, and only slips out after export?
Can you tell us what format you want to export as, and what software you’re using to play it back?

Thanks for contacting us, and hopefully we can help you get this fixed soon.