Best Storage for Video Editing (Mac Pro 5.1)

/Best Storage for Video Editing (Mac Pro 5.1)
Best Storage for Video Editing (Mac Pro 5.1)2016-01-27T04:41:26-07:00
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You are talking about editing 4K – I feel that my internal HDs in my Mac Pro 5.1 have a problem even dealing with editing 1080p.

Questions: If I use an SSD instead of a HD just for the videomaterial I am editing, would that help?

What kind of storage do you suggest for my set-up? (I have a USB3 Card and I can use USB3 external drives, and I have a OWC Mercury Acc. E2 for my system(s).)

Thank you for your great work! Looking forward to you suggestion.


SSDs are faster, and preferred if you are doing 4K editing. Also Thunderbold to SSD for External is the best option.   If you don’t have thunderbolt, you are limited to the bus speeds of USB 3- which on paper are good, but soon as you begin stacking or adding effects, you’ll beging to see dropped frames.