Copy Clips between events in Tutorial 10.4

/Copy Clips between events in Tutorial 10.4
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I’m working my way through the Final Cut Pro 10.4 Core Training.  I’m using FCP version is 10.4.2 on a Mac Mini running High Sierra version 10.13.4 with a Standard Mac Keyboard.

In the Tutorial 10.4, Chapter 7, section “Moving and copying Media between Events”.

I can as the tutorial states move media between events; Select multiples of media. Drag and drop media into other event. WORKS!

BUT when I attempt to COPY media between events; When I hold down the OPTION Key and try to drag and drop it does not work. As soon as I hold down the Option Key the mouse changes from a HAND icon to a back to back arrows icon to change the Media In and Out boundaries. Can not drag and drop.

Please advise.


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Hi Amanda, try waiting to press the Option key until you have already begun the drag and drop operation.

Oh I see – you have to drag outside the selected clip(s) before holding the Option key. OK! that works, thanks.