Copying Rigs/Rigged Assets into new Motion templates

/Copying Rigs/Rigged Assets into new Motion templates
Copying Rigs/Rigged Assets into new Motion templates2016-03-01T17:04:15-07:00
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I am working on a news graphic package with many Motion templates.  I am attempting to streamline the design of some of these graphics by adding toggle (checkbox) rigs to turn on/off parameters that were once an entirely different template (backgrounds, shape layers, etc).  When I finalize the layout and design of these parameters for one template preferably I would want to copy these assets into the other templates since they don’t between templates.  The problem I encounter is that assets with rig-controlled parameters do not allow those same rig-controls to be reset for a new rig (since rigs can not be copied) so I find myself importing, not copying these assets back into my motion project, re-adjusting the positioning and other setting then rebuilding the rig from scratch with these newly placed assets.

Is there a faster method to this approach?



I share your pain. Generally I avoid copying/pasting rigged elements between projects, that is only asking for trouble. If you can, duplicate a project and start from there to make your new template.