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I’ve been using FCPX for a while now but am a beginner on Compressor. I set up a batch last night which included sending a few different movies to DVDs. The batch has run overnight but instead of waking to find a request for a DVD to be inserted into my computer I find that the audio and video files for each DVD have been sent to the Movies folder instead.

Why didn’t it create a DVD?



My experience is that the DVD presets in Compressor are more of a legacy feature than anything.  Compressor itself doesn’t actually support the burning of DVDs.  Although our primary distribution method is mainly online streaming, we still produce a weekly DVD export of our church service for some homebound families who have no internet.   For the many of the shorter videos, we can utilize FCPX’s DVD export feature.  It works, as long as the content size doesn’t exceed the disc requirements.  It WILL prompt you for the disc, if you select that as your output destination.

For videos that FCPX can’t seem to crunch — or for BluRay disc publishing where we want custom menus, we just take our streaming video master and dump that into Toast DVD and make a DVD that way.

Compressor’s presets are geared toward producing input files for iDVD, which is no longer sold or supported by Apple.

I hope that helps.