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DaVinci Resolve to FCP XML Round Trip2015-11-12T18:26:07-07:00
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I’m on the Deliver page in Resolve but I cannot see or find in the Render Settings the arrow that would give me the Final Cut Pro XML Round-Trip settings (bottom pic) as in the Ripple Training page (top pic).




If you click on “Tape” for any reason, Resolve seems to lock you into that mode. The only way I’ve found to get the render presets back is to save, quit Resolve, the go back to the Deliver page. The arrow will again reappear with all the render presets – Avid, YouTube, Vimeo and of course FCPX –

Ah, you’re right. That worked. I wonder if that’s a bug and should be reported.
But thanks for your speedy reply!