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When editing a 360 video intended as a 360 video and not over capture, I am choosing the angle of view for each clip and adjusting it. Once I have set the angle I want, I move on to the next razor bladed cut and adjust it…After doing several of the, I suddenly notice that the angle of view has changed  on the first clip or the first series of clips I edited in the beginning. What is going on? I think it is me that is making the mistake but I don’t know what.

Second, when I upload the finished video to YouTube and Vimeo, the angle of views that I set are NOT the ones I set when editing the video? Again, what am I doing to cause this?  Here is the url of a recent video that I uploaded to Vimeo which illustrates what I am talking about…Maybe you can see the answer right away?

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Can you provide an explanation of why the orientation of my first clips in the movie are unexpectedly changed by the editing of orientation of clips further into the movie?
Also, I tried to use patches, but every time I used them, it changed the orientation of the clip and also those of others!
It would be helpful if you could do a further tutorial on the pitfalls of editing 360 video!


The problem is, you are adjusting the orientation in the 360 Viewer which does nothing to change the orientation. The tool must be used in the Viewer on the Equirectangular clip itself.

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Got it fixed, thank you…Clicked on Orientation for each clip, adjusted in, click ed on done. This seems to be the correct workflow, and doesn’t;t seem to create key frames. Then if I wanted a pan or tilt in the clip, I entered panned or titled and created a key frame….is this correct?