FCPX 10.4 Wide Gamut HDR (use on non-Log footage?)

/FCPX 10.4 Wide Gamut HDR (use on non-Log footage?)
FCPX 10.4 Wide Gamut HDR (use on non-Log footage?)2018-07-29T16:37:26-07:00
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Does anyone know of potential issues using the Wide Gamut HDR setting on 5D4 MOVs?

I understand the MJPEG codec is a sequence of compressed JPGs and not Wide Gamut HDR, RAW or Log, but when I toggled it on/off, previously clipped highlights appeared.

If destination is sRGB and Rec709, is it worth squeezing the apparent extra data out of the footage or just stay inside the safe zone?

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Can you still add the technicolor profile to those cameras for a simulated log?
If you like what you see with wide gamut, use it!

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What are “5D4 MOVs”?
If you are editing and outputting Rec. 709 I see no value in shooting with an HDR setting. Shoot Log or RAW to get the most dynamic range and least compression.

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Canon 5D4 has 2 recording options – H264 MP4 or Quicktime MOV. No Log or RAW though.

Even though there’s no HDR option in camera, using Wide Gamut HDR workspace in FCPX produced a tad more detail in the shadows and highlights.

Wondering if anyone has noticed this.