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I loved Final Cut Express because you could create smaller projects and then add  the small project to a bigger one. Now that I am working on an hour-long video montage, I would love suggestions on how to manage longer projects in FCPX.

FYI: I love Steve and Mark’s videos on FXPX and Motion. Because of your great instruction, I am able to teach 6th-8th graders in my multimedia and film making classes. Keep up the great work!

Best, Jason

6th & 8th graders are learning FCP and Motion? Whoa! How much do the pick up? That’s scary. Cool! But, scary. …on the plus side, they’d probably work for free coke and snacks. 😉


Hi Jason, thanks for watching our videos. You can still add smaller projects to larger ones in FCPX,  you just have to do it a bit differently.  For one you can select a section of your larger hour long timeline, then  turn it into a compound clip. That compound clip can then be edited into a fresh project (timeline), and even “broken apart” if needed.