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Quick question about best practice for Multicam syncing with dual system sound:

  1. Is it better to sync the dual system sound to each camera angle first before creating a multicam ( 4 camera angles = 4 times syncing) which would allow you to a use synchronized clip later for a variety of purposes. or….
  2. Sync all cameras and the audio at the same time, per take?
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Ray, I’m assuming you have just one audio file from your dual system that you need to sync to your video clips – not sure why you’d have more – so I’d sync that one file as part of the multicam clip, then when you cut, set the Angle Viewer to Video Only cuts.


Hi Mark,

Actually I am thinking more like a short film where there are a dozen camera cards for each camera and the audio files to match. Say approximately 25 clips per card x 12 cards = 300 takes to sync.