Negative Timecode just started happening…

/Negative Timecode just started happening…
Negative Timecode just started happening…2018-06-07T15:24:22-07:00
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I’ve noticed that my timecode automatically starts playback at negative numbers. I am editing a project, and when I hit my spacebar to view playback, it automatically starts playback at like “-00:23:18:15”. So in trying to troubleshoot, I have created a new project and added a few clips. When I hit playback on the new project, the timecode does the same thing and starts at about that number also.

I am not sure what is happening, and when I check the project settings (cmd+J) my “Starting Timecode” is defaulted at 00:00:00:00.

I am in a middle of a rush project and this is an awful time for this to happen!  I am hoping you might be able to provide some input. HELP!!

Thank you so much in advance!

~ Arthur


Hi Arthur, I have been unable to re-create this problem and have not found any source online discussing it. Have you been able to re-create this issue in another Library? It may be that the database for that Library has a problem.

Hi..yes, I have been able to recreate. I created a completely new library, with completely new assets…the same thing is happening. I have since quit FCPX and restarted my machine. Now when I open the application, it is only showing seconds:frames. It is the strangest thing ever.

Could a corrupt preferences file cause this type of behavior?

Thanks for your quick turn!

~ Arthur