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Hello everyone. A while back I needed to mask and move a bunch of graphics for an LED wall. It was a simple project, taking an existing video, cutting out shapes for each set of tiles and then rearranging those shapes to match what we needed for the video wall processors. I tested three different apps and Motion was by far the fastest.

I recently wanted to use Motion again for LED graphics and once I had my shapes created I noticed the following things:

it does not appear that Motion can snap to pixels. All my shapes were rectangles and if sized to an even number, positioned at a whole number on the canvas, the edges were spanning pixels and appeared blurry rather than sharp.

Also, the shapes were not snapping together correctly. The snapping seemed to be inset by a number of pixels.

Finally, I was unable to change the anchor point of my canvas to the upper left corner of my Project. This makes positioning objects easier, eliminating the need to calculate the offset from the center of the canvas for each object.

If anyone has any suggestions or tricks for working with pixel-perfect graphics, I’d really appreciate it.

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