Preventing Stereo Mixdown in Compressor

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Preventing Stereo Mixdown in Compressor2016-04-19T09:50:05-07:00
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One of the video sources I have for a weekly production (post event) is a ProRes HQ output file with stereo audio.  The audio that’s stored in the PR file is two independent mono-mixes that we leverage as back-ups, in case our primary mix doesn’t work.  I’ll avoid the total workflow, but suffice it to say that since it’s a weekly production, I don’t want to store the original PRHQ file (158GB) permanently.  I’ve been dumping it into Compressor to get a decent 8-10GB file that I reference in my FCPX project.

That’s where my workflow hits a snag.  In every preset / audio setting I’ve tried, Compressor creates a stereo mixdown of the individual tracks (the left/right tracks include the same mixdown from the original independent channels).  That’s an undesired behavior.  I don’t mind creating a separate preset that exports the individual channels into aac or mp3 files I can use later, but I don’t want it to mix the two.  The only method I’ve discovered that works is to open the PRHQ file in Quicktime and export the audio from there.  It’s the only program the respects the channels and leaves them intact.

Any ideas as to how to create a preset in Compressor that exports only the left or right channel of a PRHQ (or any video with stereo audio) to a mono audio file?