Problem with Steps 1.0.2 in FCPX 10.4

/Problem with Steps 1.0.2 in FCPX 10.4
Problem with Steps 1.0.2 in FCPX 10.42017-12-20T18:39:27-07:00
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I’m using the Steps plugin, version 1.0.2, with FCPX 10.4. Steps worked fine until the FCPX 10.4 upgrade. My problem is with the drop zones, which aren’t working. For example, in a 4-step transition, two thumbnails have to be provided by Drop 1 and Drop 2. I used to click on Drop 1, then click on the pic that it should use; then I clicked on Drop 2 and clicked on its pic. Finally, I clicked on the ‘Apply Clip’ button to exit the drop mode and return to editing.

Since the upgrade to FCPX 0.4, the ‘Apply Clip’ button remains disabled after I assign pics to Drops. So, I can’t commit the pic assignments and return to editing.

I’m assuming it’s a glitch in the plugin that will be resolved in an update. In the interim, is there a workaround that will let me keep using the plugin? Thanks


David, I’ve seen this issue with other drop zones, I don’t think it’s specific to our plugin. Please try trashing your preferences (hold down Command-Option while launching FCP X) and let us know if that fixes the issue.


Thanks, Mark–that did the trick. BTW–nice plugin; I use it a lot.