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Hi Mark,

I am editing Pro Res Raw clips in FCPX 10.4.4

The shoot produced 7.5Tb of files captured on an Atomos Shogun Inferno and stored on a 10Tb G-Technology thunderbolt 3 drive.

Editing on a Mac 6 core i7 with 16Gb ram with library file on 2Tb external SATA SSD Thunderbolt 3. Using an eGPU Radeon Pro Vega ll 64 with 8Gb vram. Not using Proxy files as Cinema Grade plug in doesn’t keep accurate grade when grading proxies and then reverting to original material before share.

Edit slow especially while rendering a 30 minute timeline. After render, any adjustment to any single clip, ie a minor adjustment in the colour grade to just one clip starts a complete entire render of the whole timeline. Is this correct and normal?

Am I able to keep my clips on external HD (needed for storage etc) but after I have selected the clips I want in the timeline, select just those to then work off the SSD, which is faster than the HD? Obviously I am not using all 7.5Tb of clip files in the timeline, so is there a way of moving just those used clips onto the fast SSD?

Hope you can shed some light and possibly help.

Many thanks,


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Hi Drew, We do not have any ProRes Raw to test with. However, if it is a separate clip in the timeline you are making a change to, it should be the only clip that needs rendering. So it does sound like a bug.

In regards to moving the used clips to the SSD. Select the timeline containing the clips you want moved, than navigate to the File Menu and choose Copy Project to Library, New Library. Save the Library to your SSD. Make the desired changes to the Storage Location of the New Library, and then Consolidate the Library Media in the Library Inspector.

If your Timeline does not contain all of the media you would like moved, you can try another strategy. Create a new Library on the SSD with the Media storage set to In Library or a folder stored on the SSD. Copy all the required media to the new library. If they are externally linked media, you will need to Consolidate after the copy is finished.

To confirm the media is in the right location, check the storage location by selecting the Library in FCP X and open the Inspector. At the bottom is a section listing all locations that the Library is accessing media. You can also right click on any clip in the Browser and choose Reveal in Finder to see where that piece of media is saved.

If you want to learn more about how to manage your Libraries and Media in FCP X, I highly recommend Media Management in Final Cut Pro X.

I hope this helps,


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Thanks Travis,

I appreciate the steer you offered here. I will try and set up as you have suggested. After I have consolidated the time line to my external SSD, I am assuming that I can still add other clips to the time line from my external HD, right?

So you think there may be a render bug? The render takes ages, 2 to 3 hours minimum for a 30 minute timeline. Is this normal?

The ProResRaw files from the Inferno are beautiful btw and play back good as original media on the timeline before grading, but after render they also playback well.



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