Resolve 15 new features – error of omission

/Resolve 15 new features – error of omission
Resolve 15 new features – error of omission2018-07-22T08:59:42-07:00
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In this Title, when discussing Text+ you clearly state that it is not possible to style indivdual lines of text in a multi-line text element.

However, if you right click in the text box and select “character mapping” you can then select individual lines, words or characters.  This ten creates a modifier that allows you to change the selected text.

You might want to point that out somewhere.



The system won’t let me edit…so I’m adding a comment.
I realized that (i) it’s called “character level styling;” and (ii) it seems to only work in the fusion tab…adding a text+ preset to the timeline doesn’t allow for selecting the text, even though you can turn on characterlevelstyling.
So you need toclick on the text element in the timeline and open the fusion page.
I’m hoping they make it possible to do this in the edit page in the future.