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I’m explaining a 3 step process using the Ripple Steps plug in, however it only offers me the option of going from Steps 1-2, 2-3, & 3-1. There is no introduction of Step 1.

When explaining the steps of the process, I’d like a wide view of the 3 steps then a zoom to Step 1. Is this achievable? In other words, I need a step 0-1 option.

Please advise!



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Yes you can do this.

First, set the Active Steps to “3 to 1” so that the zoom in is into Step 1 (and add the content you want into the Step 2 drop zone)

Next, select the two clips on either side of the transition and the transition itself and press Option-G to make a compound clip – name it and click OK.

Now move the playhead to the frame where the camera is fully zoomed out and press Option-F to create a freeze frame.

Then delete the portion of the compound clip to the left of the freeze frame, and trim the freeze frame to the duration you want.

You now start with a wide overview of all three steps as a freeze frame and then zoom into Step 1.

Let me know how it goes.

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