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Is there anything in FCPX or Resolve that gives ruler and guide functionality — complete with snapping?  Most of my workflow is in FCPX, but lately I’ve had to migrate to Resolve for a host of reasons.  So I’m comfortable editing in either of these two editors.

Last week, I was given a project that involved content to be displayed on three screens simultaneously.  To ensure the content stayed on the desired screen, I ended up having to use Premiere, of which I’m not a native user.  It was super easy to use the rulers and drag guides so that I could focus on a single 1920×1080 portion of a screen for a part of the video, then scale a 4k clip to span all three screens.   The output (5760×1080) was shown via pro video player, which split the video to the three projectors.

Pros — it worked.

Cons — it worked too well, and now I’m going to have to do it again.

Thus my question.  I really would prefer to keep my workflow in either FCPX or Resolve, but I cannot find anything that makes this manageable.  I’d even be willing to work in Motion as a last resort.  I need snap-able guides.  At first, I created a title in motion for FCPX, but you can’t snap to those.  In Resolve, they have the grid OFX, but it would appear that you have to apply that to a clip.  Not friendly when I’m typically using 30-50 different clips in a video.  You might be able to snap with it, but I’m so new that I don’t know if it’s a missing feature, or if I just don’t know how to use it well enough, yet.


Edit 2/6/20:  Here’s screenshot of the snap function locking on to the guides in Premiere:

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Well, it doesn’t appear that I can add a comment to Steve’s answer, but after three tries, I’m resorting to adding it here.

1. The adjustment layer is nice and convenient, but unless I’m missing an option, it doesn’t give me snapping capability, so I’m back to where I was with FCPX and a custom title.

2. I have the snapping capability in Premier — it’s nice and fast, but it’s not my primary editor. I prefer to work in FCPX or Resolve, if possible, which is what has led to my question.

3. I’d add a screenshot to show this in Premiere and what I’m trying to accomplish here, but I haven’t figured out how to add an image to the comments like Steve did below.

Thanks for the ideas!


Also, in Final Cut Pro X, our Ripple Tools Complete includes alignment guides applied as an adjustment layer. But as with Resolve, there is no snapping to the guides – they don’t give us access to that so there is no way we can build it in.

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Thanks for the additional info, Mark. I appreciate all of the assistance that you and Steve give us. Please ask for this when you talk to the FCPX and Resolve dev teams (if you get a chance to speak with them). I have your RT Complete plug-in and enjoy it. This particular set of projects is a challenge, and I’m sure I’ll find creative ways to speed my workflow.


Add an adjustment clip above all the clips you want the grid over. Add the Grid to the Adjustment clip. Problem solved.

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