Second camera to match GH4?

/Second camera to match GH4?
Second camera to match GH4?2015-12-08T22:18:08-07:00
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I using a GH4 camera for doing my video production and have been thinking of buying a second camera for backup if my GH4 fails and to use for a side angle.

I’ve been looking into the Panasonic DMC-G7 which seem like a great option as a 4K camera to more than half the price it has a lot of the features like GH4 not syncs can though etc. I can also use the lenses I have for GH4. Right now Panasonic has a deal where I get a 25 mm lens if I buy the body only which seems like a great deal since I already have 12-35,35-100 2.8 lenses.

I wonder if you have any experience of using G7 and GH4 and the pros and cons. Anything to think of editing in fcpx? Is the G7 a good option or should I wait and get another GH4 later when I have more funds?

Grateful for any feedback.




I bought a 2nd GH4 used, works great.   I couldn’t help myself and later also bought a GX85 for the dual stabilization and portability.  It takes better photos & video than GH4, but has many drawbacks… no flip screen, no audio input or monitor, only 15 min of video before you have to start a new file….   It’s a great travel camera, but it’s no GH4 for robust video.    And, the buttons are all different, which really drives me nuts.

I agree w/Steve, stay w/the GH4 if all you want is a 2nd angle.  Consider a used model, if its just a secondary cam for occasional use.  It also helps you avoid swapping lenses even if you’re not doing multiple angles, saving time, hassle.

I’m just an enthusiast….   One thing I’ve noticed is, A 2nd angle makes any video look so much more professional.  Worth it to me, and I can always sell the GH4 to a starving YouTuber when the GH5 comes out 🙂


H Mikael. I’m not a big fan of mixing cameras on professional shoots – I prefer same chips sets, same LUTs same camera settings.  That’s not to say you cannot get decent b-roll from another model camera especially one from the same manufacturer.  I just prefer keeping as much control over the shoot as I can.  As company, we rent extra bodies all the time, and it’s still cheaper then buying another camera.

Thanks Steve I live in Australia, Perth and the only Camerastore that rented gh4 has stopped renting them out since no one rented them… So if my camera breaks or have an error I need to buy one since I cant rent one here. Since the G7 is similar to gh4 I was thinking about G7 but I understand the difference in sensor etc. So I might have to save up for the gh4… 😉