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Showing multiple clip data in viewer2016-02-12T07:36:42-07:00

In a project I can and do have multiple clips imported. Once the job is completed I would like to tidy up and delete the clips that have not been used. That’s easy as you van simply click on the > symbol and you have a entry that tells you if the clip has be used or not. However you have to do this one at a time. Is there n easy way to open all the clips so that I can select the ones that have not been used and delete them.

I’m not deleting the clips from my system I’m just removing the unused imported clips . The originals are all safe and secure on two other drives. It save space when the Library is archived off to another disk


You can create a smart collection to show you just Used or Unused Media. Then delete the media (command-delete permanently deletes them, delete tags them as rejects).  FCPX will not allow you to delete unused portions of a clip, it must delete the entire clip.