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I am trying to use Ripple Timelines, and I am just not getting how it works.

The end result I want is a timeline that has 12 items on it, and I just want to go between them sequentially. I thought I would be able to just use 12 dropzones, and adjust the timing, but there are only 4 Dropzones & 2 Transitions.

So it seems that for every “Timelines” transition between my 12 items, I would need to shift (by hand) all the timeline items by 1 every time so they appear sequential. That just seems like a lot of work, so I hope I am missing something obvious.

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Chris, I’m sorry, but that’s the way the template works – It just has those 4 drop zones. Like you said, each time you add the transition, you basically shift each dropzone content over one by reassigning the drop zones. It actually doesn’t take that long to do, but I do wish there were an easier way to design it so that folks wouldn’t have to do this.


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