Titlemations – Can I turn off HELP button?

/Titlemations – Can I turn off HELP button?
Titlemations – Can I turn off HELP button?2019-02-19T05:54:23-07:00
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When I use a Titlemations object in FCP X 10.4.5 and Mojave, a HELP button is displayed in the viewer. It shows up when I click on a Titlemations object in the timeline or position the playhead over a Titlemations object. It’s distracting and I’d like to turn it off. Is there a way?

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Les, sorry for the delayed response, I\’m traveling on business. The short answer is that the end user can\’t turn that button off. I can do it but then it wouldn\’t be available for anyone after they purchased the product. There may be a way I can force it to move lower (it should be below the viewer not on top of your footage) and I\’ll look into that as soon as I\’m back in my office.


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Thanks Mark. Whenever you can take a look, it’s much appreciated. Unfortunately I moved to Mojave and the new FCP in one fell swoop and can’t isolate what triggered the change. Love my RippleTraining plugins.

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