Using Edit (W/E) shortcuts on secondary magnetic timeline

/Using Edit (W/E) shortcuts on secondary magnetic timeline
Using Edit (W/E) shortcuts on secondary magnetic timeline2019-09-19T10:17:33-07:00
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Hi, I probably missed this in some of the ripple trainings, so if I have please let me know where I can learn this workflow.

I’m working on sequencing video to a music track.  The music track is in the main timeline and I’ve put down beat markers to help with timing the cuts.  I attached the first video connected clip at the beginning of the music track and converted it to a new Storyline (cmd-G) so that it would become magnetic.  How can I now quickly use the W/E editing shortcuts on the secondary timeline without always having to select the secondary timeline?  (It defaults to appending/inserting on the primary audio timeline).

Is there a better way of doing this?

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You will have to select the secondary storyline. You may want to lift the music from the primary storyline. Right Click on the music and choose Lift From Storyline. That will move it below. Then you can select all of your video clips, right click and choose Overwrite to Primary Storyline. Then continue to do your main editing on the primary storyline.

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Thanks Ripple Travis, that seems to work, just had to delete the “gey slug once I did the “Overwrite to Primary Storyline”. Seems like the timeline works now, except that the first clip is still connected to the “front” of the primary timeline now.

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