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So is the key to automatically sync’ing the clips setting the marker in the Video portion?
Also how do I fine tune the sync, if it is slightly off?

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Hi Chris, the easiest way is to use audio for Synchronization. This will only work if both clips you are syncing contain the same audio. One clip contains the quality Audio and the other has a scratch track of the same audio that was recorded with inferior equipment. Final Cut Pro does a great job syncing by audio.
To sync by marker you need to have a marker placed on both clips in the same place. If your video clip has no sound you would place your marker where the slate closes shut(if there is a slate). Then in your audio clip you would locate the sound of the slate closing and place a marker there. Then when you perform the sync operation you would choose the First Marker on Clip option from the Synchronization menu. Final Cut will then align those markers to achieve sync.
Once your Synchronized or Multicam Clip is created it is easy to adjust sync if needed. In the browser simply double click the Synced clip to open it up and see the elements inside. You can then adjust timing accordingly. Be aware that the inside of a multicam clip will be different than a synced clip.
Hope that helps.

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Thanks so much!