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Whips and FCPX freezing2017-06-02T09:09:17-07:00


I’ve just installed Whips for FCP X (10.3.1) I’ve used the dolly transition once. Then I tried the others but FCPx freeze loading the transition. In effect I can continue working with the software but no possibilities to use your transitions because in Background tasks says  (in rendering section) “Loading motion content” and in the inspector no parameter at all.

I tried to close FCPX – disable via Fx factory Whips and re-enable, but nothing happened

Hoping in a solution, and sorry for my english


Guido Piperno

Guido are you running the OS 10.12.6 beta? That is not supported.


Hello, I’m thinking of buying this product but I’m running the trial and am having the same issue. It seems to load 1 transition, then when I try to test another transition it freezes up like this.  This happened twice so far.

Garrett, what are your machine specs? What version of FCP X? What version of FxFactory? And what OS?

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