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David Myers
I hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas and I wish you all a Happy and prosperous New Year!!

I am a beginner/intermediate level editor using primarily Final Cut Pro X, but have some experience with Premier, After Effects , and Hitfilm 3 Pro.

My Question is how best to approach a large editing project? I took on two jobs that, at first blush, seemed straight forward, but came to find that they both had multiple AVHD files totaling well in excess of 40gig.

They want these filtered down to fit on a single DVD, but also want audio editing , removing a helicopter noise in one, and then increasing the sound level in other area to accomodate the lack of a directional mic. They would also like titles and music added.

The basics of setting this up (adding titles, music, etc.) is not a problem. it is just the shear volume of footage to get through and narrowing it down to what will fit (along with the titles and music.

I use Soundtrack Pro and Audacity for sound/music/audio edits, but am finding it difficult to balance the noise elimination and volume level across all the edits.

In essence I find myself deep in the forest and cant seem to see it because of all the trees and it has extended (and constipated) my workflow and time line and I find myself letting these slip while I take care of other easier jobs.

I would like to hear how you in this community would handle this and/or recommend a workflow process that works best for you. I pride myself in finishing what I start and I think that is also frustrating me as well.

Thank you in advance for any helpful hints or advice and I appreciate your support


Hi David. Happy New Year. Here’s how I would handle it. I would import all the footage setting the Libray as an externally managed library. This way I could target a very fast Thunderbolt drive for managing my huge files. Second, I would use FCPX’s excellent ratings/kewords to pair down all that content into useable chunks for editing.  After doing a string-out of the usable bits, I would use FCP X’s built in audio tools for reducing audio noise (you’ll never remove that helicopter entirely), and use keyframes to raise and lower the volume in specific problem areas.  I generally prefer NOT sending my audio out of FCPX,- it starts to ger really complicated when you do this and it’s much faster to do your audio work right in FCP X’s timeline. If FCP X does not have enough tools for you, there are plenty of excellent third party tools (we use isotope).