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    I’m switching from FCP to Fusion because I think the overall workflow and color workspace will be better. But I’m having trouble getting some of the titles I like to work. I created a bunch of titles in Motion for FCP, but I don’t know how to do them in Fusion. I’ll definitely get Mark’s Fusion tutorial, but wondering if there is an answer someone has here.

    Two of the titles appear here:

    1) The bottom title where the text appears word by word from a mask. How do I make the text animate down word be word in Fusion. In Motion it’s a text sequence animated on the y axis by word.

    2) The titles that appear above it have two things I don’t understand how to do in Resolve. It’s a red rectangle with a white rectangle aligned to the right edge that slides in out of a mask with text over it. The red rectangle is aligned with the right edge of the text so it expands with whatever I put in. How do you align a parameter of one node with a parameter of another node?

    Thanks in advance,


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    Honestly I think the Fusion page is great for visual effects but terrible for motion graphics – Motion is just so much easier and faster. I’m sorry I can’t answer your questions top of my head as I’m doing most of my motion graphics in Motion.

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    I was afraid of that.

    I’ve gotten good with motion over the years, with your help. Want to switch to Resolve for the better workflow for sound and color and visual effects like motion tracking. I guess I’ll have to stay with Motion for some of the motion graphics. Maybe export to a file then overlay the MGs in FCP and export alpha back to Resolve. With my penchant for typos that is going to suck.



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