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    Enjoying the Course

    I’ve been following along, applying some of the skills as I work on a low-pressure (no deadline) project.

    I got down to a mix down stage, using roles etc. I have a 2 minute music track, with a few seconds of voice at the head. I kind of made my own solution for dropping in the EQ Carve to allow voice and music to co-exist and play along nicely. It kind of worked, but I’m concerned this is a botch-job, and would be considered a little unprofessional, with a potential for phase. Here’s what I did: took the mix down track (essentially a compound clip) with audio tracks displayed using index and roles. Applied a Blade Cut at star and end of voice, created a cross fade at the music track blade points. Applied the EQ Carve to the music track. Essentially, the EQ Carve cross-fades in and out on the music track.

    Applause or throw rotten tomatoes?

    screen grab

    Travis RichmondTravis Richmond
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    Your workflow does not sound bad. If you are worried about phase you could apply the EQ Carve to the entire Music Role. But because it is a role on a compound clip, and I can see the through edits, you have not changed the timing at all. Therefore there should not be any phase issues, everything should be lined up correctly.

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    Thanks, Travis. Yep, I didn’t get any phase issues, but just seemed to be inviting them, using this method. Good on ya – and Happy New Year!

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