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    I’m doing my first project in HDR. Typically I use stock footage for a good bit of b-roll. But most of it the stock stuff I’m familiar with is already color corrected and rendered out in a rec 709 color space. So even if it was shot in log/raw, the data is gone when I get the clip.

    There does seem to be a pretty clear visual difference in the stock b-roll shots vs. the log stuff I’m grading and putting out in the PQ project. So I’ve got a few questions:

    • Anybody know of a good place for stock 4k or higher HDR footage?
    • Is there a quick way of identifying color space in a downloaded clip?
    • Is there a good way of making the rec 709 look better so it’s not jarring when going between those clips and the ones captured in raw/log and graded initially for PQ?

    Thanks for any help.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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