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    Great course!

    There is one question, that I was expecting to learn from this course, but couldn’t find the answer:

    How to set up and what is the best workflow when you need to grade your project for multiple deliveries. What is the best workflow and how do you deal with color management to make sure your film looks as you intended in Cinema as well as on TV? For example, if I do my grade using Davinci Wide Gamut, but grade it for a P3 output, how do I export it for 709 delivery? And the other way around. Keeping in mind that I have a monitor which is capable of previewing both. Also, is it a better idea to do base grade in rec709 or in P3?

    It would really appreciate if you could guide me a little!

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    i have the same question. but i can’t wait for an answer. Could you please explain this point? Thank you

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    Same question as Ziggi!

    please help!

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