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    I have an issue with my camera information not being populated when I import media for some cameras, and I’m happy to go populate that data myself, but I need a “Missing Data” collection. I organize my footage into folders that are named for the camera, so when I import, the folder name is automatically made into a tag.

    I want to create a smart collection that contains all footage that has any of the camera tags assigned, and the Camera Name or Camera Angle Format Info attributes are not set.

    So my criteria for the smart collections needs to be:
    “Format Info” “Camera Name” “is not set” OR
    “Format Info” Camera Angle” “is not set” AND the following are all true:

    “Keywords” “Include Any” “Sony A7 III” “GoPro Hero9” “DJI PP” “DJI Mavic 2” AND
    “Type” “Is not” “Synchronized” AND
    “Type” “Is not” “Compound” AND
    “Type” “Is not” “Multicam”

    At the top of the Smart Collection dialog you get to choose if it is an “All” or an “Any” for the whole collection, but I am looking for a mix and I can’t figure out how to do it.

    I have two smart collections now. One for Camera Name and one for Camera Angle, but I really want one smart collection because I need to add 2 more “Format Info” attributes to it.

    Anyone know how to do this?


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