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    Welcome to my foundational tutorial for Final Cut Pro 10.4. I have created this tutorial for you to gain a broad knowledge of editing in Final Cut Pro X.

    Before you start the tutorial, go to the Ripple Online Player and download the Project Media.

    Click the down arrow and the .zip file will download to your downloads folder. Drag the file to your desktop and unzip it and it will open exactly as it appears in this screenshot.

    Start here with Core Training Pic 2

    Now it’s time to start the tutorial. In the first 2 lessons, I will give you an overview of the Final Cut interface. Starting in Lesson 3, I will walk you through how to set up your project and import media. I methodically go over how to import the media.  So you don’t have to import before starting the tutorial.

    Enjoy the tutorial!



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    This will be interesting… 🙂

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    Hi Steve,

    when I am importing XML from lesson 12 I am getting missing file with red color in all lesson I have tried to delete and importing again but didn’t help can you please suggest me so I can follow along with tutorial



Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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