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    Thankfully, we are seeing the effects of Covid-19 recede and the world is starting to turn again. The summer is fast approaching and people have started shopping. The way they are shopping seems like it’s going out of business. Shopping apps developed by the best mobile app development agency are booming left and right. Big names have come into the market and they are turning this into gold. Here we give you the best shopping apps out there.

    The number 1 app for shopping right now is of course Walmart. A close 2nd is Amazon. These two behemoths of the shopping industry have been battling it out for the first position since time immemorial. In July, Walmart rose to the challenge of Amazon and announced that it is launching a subscription service just like Amazon Prime.

    The 3rd one in the race is the American-based Wish. Wish has shown a recent investment of $11.2 billion and that’s saying a lot. 4th is China’s AliExpress and the last but not the least is eBay at number 5.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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