Ripple Titlemations Help Videos

//Ripple Titlemations Help Videos
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Ripple Titlemations Help Videos

These five videos will show you a couple techniques you can use with our Ripple Titlemations plugin for Final Cut Pro X.

  1. Graphic Reveal
  2. Text Reveal Theme
  3. TitleBlocks
  4. Color Range
  5. Title Box

Graphic Reveal

0:00 Working with the Graphic Reveal theme templates
4:46 Center Split/Slide Right/Slide Left options
6:25 Drop Zone template
9:32 Creating a drift effect
10:31 Your Text Symbol template


Text Reveal Theme

0:00 Working with the Text Reveal theme template
4:45 Enabling and adjusting the line



0:00 All Fly In template
1:59 Block Right and Block Left
4:17 Block Up and Block Down
5:30 Changing word color


Color Range


Title Box

0:00 Title parameters
2:33 Box parameters