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About Ripple Training

Ripple Training provides tutorials and tools to help you bring your creativity to life. We have a passion to help you learn new skills and create projects you love.

The People that Made It All Happen

Steve Martin, Jill Martin, and Mark Spencer founded Ripple Training in 2002.

Ripple Training was started out of a passion for teaching people.  Steve and Mark wanted to take their years of teaching and professional experience and deliver it to thousands of people on the internet. They combined their experience to develop a teaching format that mirrored their in-person classes.

The Ripple style is one that doesn’t waste time and gets right to the point.  Because of their first hand experience with the first versions of Final Cut and Motion, they are uniquely qualified to deliver this expert training.  A great way to get to know Steve and Mark is by watching their weekly show called MacBreak Studio.

See MacBreak Studio

Meet the Ripple Team

The people behind the scenes that work to make your experience as pleasant as possible.

Steve Martin
Chief Creative

Jill Martin
Financial & Marketing

Vince Garcia
Technology & SEO

Don Gordon
Web Design & Coding

Travis Richmond
Post Production

Spencer Meyer
Post Production

Sharing the Vision

We are thankful to have joined efforts with many great people through the years. It’s a privilege to share our passions for helping people understand the power of story telling.

Contact Us

Ripple Training, Inc., PO Box 12171, Prescott, AZ 86304
Phone: (800) 280-4344

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