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With your busy schedule, the last thing you want is to sit through hours of unfocused video tutorials. We have designed our Final Cut Pro tutorials to give you the experience of a personal trainer working alongside you, providing clear explanations and examples from our nearly 20 years of experience teaching Final Cut Pro to beginners and pros alike.

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Start with One Tutorial.  Steve Martin delivers a foundational and immersive learning experience focusing on Apple’s editing application, Final Cut Pro.. More Info

Final Cut Pro Essentials Bundle
with Steve Martin and Mark Spencer

BUNDLE AND SAVE!!  Get 5 tutorials: Core Training, Media Management, Sound Editing, Advanced Color Correction, and Multicam Editing. A total of 19 hours of training.    More Info

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Foundational Tutorials after Core Training

Learn the fundamental skills of syncing, editing & delivering multicam projects in Final Cut Pro. More Info

Learn how to take advantage of FCP’s powerful and extensive color correction toolset to keep your viewers emotionally engaged in your story. More Info

Improve the quality of your soundtracks using professional tools built right into Final Cut Pro. Steve will teach Pro Sound Editing Workflows to enhance and improve dialogue. More Info

Learn how Final Cut Pro manages media; where it’s stored; how to copy, move and delete it; when to work with proxy media, and best practices for collaborating with other editors. More Info

Get Faster with these Tutorials

Warp Speed Editing in FCP
with Mark Spencer

Work faster, more confidently and ultimately more creatively, by learning our battle-tested editing strategies and workflows. More Info

Warp Speed Effects in FCP
with Mark Spencer

Learn how to quickly create effects and dynamic visuals to enhance your story while creating maximum viewer impact. More Info

Quickly add professional motion graphics and visual effects to your FCP projects without having to learn Apple’s Motion. More Info

Get Specific Tasks Done in FCP

NEW Learn how and when to use LUTs in your color grading workflow so that you can achieve and deliver the look you’re after using Final Cut Pro. More Info

This tutorial teaches you how to get the most out of FCP’s object tracker as you track titles, logos, effects, in a wide variety of tracking scenarios. More Info

In this tutorial, you will edit, grade, audio sweeten and deliver, a corporate video for a high-end winery in Napa Valley Ca. More Info

Learn how to create clean keys and convincing composite images by mastering the FCP’s Keyer and related tools through understanding and practice. More Info

Enhance your visual storytelling by learning how to choose, edit, arrange and mix music using both Final Cut Pro and GarageBand. More Info

Place your viewers in the center of the action by learning now to edit and deliver 360 videos to the web or head mounted displays. More Info

Learn how to create professional-looking 3D titles. Target your effects and color corrections to specific parts of the frame using masks. More Info

Short Subject Tutorials

NEW Learn the foundations of editing and delivering great looking HDR movies in Final Cut Pro. More Info

Edit interviews more efficiently using third-party transcription applications and editing services. More Info

In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to improve and enhance your voice tracks with just the built-in audio effects in FCP. More Info

Steve will show you how to build a collection of text, graphics and animated elements that will be readily available within FCP. More info

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Final Cut Pro 10.6 Masters Bundle
with Steve Martin and Mark Spencer

This is our definitive curriculum covering every aspect of Final Cut Pro post-production. 13 Final Cut Pro courses encompassing over 35 hours of training. Save 35% More Info

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I must say I’ve used on/off since about 2001. Your site/course layouts and quality of FCP training are far superior and I really like the fact that once purchased I can reference them any point in the future as well. -Admiral Shane

Steve has set the bar for creating good video tutorials and has made a huge impact on
many many lives including mine!!! Scott M.

These tutorials have been very helpful. -Philip B.

I have been relying on Ripple Training for several years now ever since I met Steve and Mark at the first FCPX Creative
Summit in 2015. The quality of FCP X training provided here is unrivalled. -Jay S.

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