One-On-One Coaching with Travis Richmond

Meet Travis Richmond. He has a natural talent for making complex subjects easy to understand.
With his 10 years of experience in Production and Post Production,
he brings a wealth of knowledge to each training session. Book a session with him below.

30 minute session

  • Final Cut Pro & DaVinci Resolve
  • Media & Project Organization
  • Picture & Sound Editing
  • Basic Multicam Editing
  • Basic Color Correction
  • Effects and Titles

60 minute session

  • Advanced Sound Editing
  • Advanced Multicam Editing
  • Media Management
  • Collaborative Workflows
  • XML Workflows
  • Working with 3rd Party Plugins

Specialized Coaching

  • Advanced Color Grading in Resolve
  • Fusion Training in Resolve
  • Motion Skills with Mark Spencer
  • Creative Input on Projects
  • Remote Editing with a Ripple Editor
  • Remote Grading with a Ripple Editor

Customer Testimonials

Thanks for offering such a welcome and important service!

Will Sanchez

Ripple one-on-one support is awesome. They have helped me with my workflow and are very knowledgeable.

Barry Stone

It is indeed a treat to be a client of a company that actually says “Hello, how may we help you?” when you call them for assistance. A lost art in America today as many of their competitors only provide support via email support tickets, or using other customers to teach their software via amateur YouTube videos, etc.

Joe C.