Using the Split Screen Title Effect plugin in Final Cut Pro X:

After installing, follow these steps to apply the RT Split Screen Title to any clip (or clips) in the Final Cut Pro X timeline:

In the Titles Browser, select the Custom category, then locate the RT Split Screen Title. To apply the title, move the playhead to the frame you want the split screen effect to begin, then double-click its thumbnail. Alternately, you can drag the thumbnail into the Timeline as a connected clip.


With the title clip selected, press Command-4 to reveal the Inspector window. The video in the Primary Storyline is the source clip. The video that will become the secondary split screen image is assigned using a drop zone.

Follow these steps to apply the video (or still image) to the drop zone:

Step 1: Click the drop well in the Inspector
Step 2: Click the video thumbnail you want to use in the Media Browser.
Step 3: Click the Apply Clip button


Using the Source/Location pop-up menu you can split the image in one of four ways: Right, Left, Top & Bottom. You can also control the border color and width.


Using the Source Position and Drop Zone Position parameter controls, you can move the images along the X & Y axis to achieve proper framing of your split screen subjects.


The split screen animates on and off the screen automatically. To disable the animation, uncheck the Build In/Build Out checkboxes.


If you repositioned either the source or drop zone image, you will need to keyframe the position properties in order to keep the image from “jumping” from one position to another. In the example below, I’m setting Y-source keyframes for the top image so the image moves upward when the bottom image animates in.


You can control the speed of the animation in the Animation Editor. Select the title, then press Control-V to reveal the animation controls. Drag the second keyframe right or left to increase or decrease the animation speed.


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