5rt Callouts for Final Cut Pro X
Callouts for Final Cut Pro X
Callouts for Final Cut Pro X


Callouts is a Final Cut Pro X plug-in that gives you the power of emphasis to remove distractions & draw your audience’s attention exactly where you want it focused. Add arrows, shapes, magnifiers, pointers, checklists and more to quickly take your video presentation from average to professional, boring to riveting, and confusing to crystal-clear to communicate, impress, & sell as never before!

Version 2 is now available and includes 8 new callouts! Now 22 in all! To see how they work in Final Cut Pro X, check out the videos below!

Version 1.3 - Released 11/12

2 New Callouts

Connect-Direct: Creates an animated line between two points. Similar in function to Connect the Dots except that it creates straight lines instead of curved lines.

You can control the position, size, and color of the end points, the line, and the text; the speed of the animation; and add 3D effects like bevel and extrude. The line can be solid, dashes, or dots of any size.

Callout-Square: Creates an animated rectangle and extending line. Similar in function to Callout-Circle except that it uses a rectangle shape instead of a circle. You can control the position, size, roundness, thickness, and color of the square and the extending line. Both can be solid, dots, or dashes of any color or size.

You can now use Final Cut Pro X's Transform effect to scale, rotate, and reposition Callouts in the Viewer.

Version 1.2 - Released 8/12

2 New Callouts

Checklist: Lets you create animated checklists using check-boxes and text of as many items as you like.

Glossy Shapes: Adds 15 different high-quality shapes that you can colorize and animate to make your point.


Callouts for Final Cut Pro X