Editing iPhone HDR Video in FCP – PART 2

In this follow-up video, Mark Spencer goes deeper into the complexities of editing & delivering HDR video recorded with an iPhone.

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Apple Support Docs:

Edit HDR video recorded on an iPhone 12

Convert or adjust HDR clips in FCP

Editing iPhone 12 HDR Video in FCP – PART ONE


0:00 – Background

0:45 – iPhone HDR Setting

1:30 – Seeing HDR vs. SDR

3:21 – Using HLG clips in SDR Projects

4:27 – Options for conforming HLG to SDR

6:07 – Using the HDR Tools Effect

7:33 – Why using Color Space Override is a bad idea

8:41 – HDR to SDR Warning Dialog

8:54 – Using an Adjustment Layer to conform HLG clips to SDR

9:54 – Delivering in HDR

14:05 – Tone mapping SDR clips “up” to HDR