Final Cut Pro to DaVinci Resolve 17 and Back

In this video, lead editor Travis Richmond covers how to send a project to DaVinci Resolve 17 for grading then send it back to Final Cut Pro.

Chapter Hyperlinks Below:

0:51 – What Translates from FCP to Resolve

1:54 – Color Board Corrections that Translate

2:30 – Exporting a Project XML

3:09 – Importing the FCP XML in Resolve

3:34 – XML Import Options Window

4:52 – How Titles are Translated

5:03 – How Compound Clips are Treated

5:53 – Why DaVinci Resolve for Grading?

6:33 – Sending Resolve Timeline back to FCP

6:57 – Choosing an Export Preset in the Deliver Page

8:00 – Choosing a Codec

8:30 – Importing the Resolve XML in Final Cut Pro

Helpful Ripple Tutorials for Resolve and Final Cut Pro.

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