According to Wikipedia, the Kodak Brownie camera was introduced in 1900 and made low-cost photography available to the masses. Since the iPhone 6s, I would submit that Apple has made low-cost video production available to the masses. There are now millions of people walking around with a 4K-capable production camera in their pocket.

Whether you’re shooting photos or movies, the quality that is achievable with the iPhone is now on par with more expensive cameras as long as you are shooting in ideal lighting conditions and have the right mindset.

If you want to get professional results, you’ll need to treat your iPhone like a professional camera.
And even if you don’t shoot “professionally,” I want you to know about some potential add-ons to your iPhone shooting experience that will increase your level of fun, creative expression, and the production value of your videos.

Without further ado, here are my top 8 iPhone shooting accessories:

Joby Action Video Tripod & Puroma Tripod Mount Adapter

I combined two items and put them at the top of my list. The reason? Because the very first piece of gear you should own is a tripod. Yes, I know, your iPhone has built-in stabilization, but it’s not the same as using tripod. With a stabilizer, there will still be movement in your shot. Watch any of your favorite movies then count the number of times the camera appears to be hand-held. A tripod levels the playing field (literally) making your small phone camera appear like a heavier camera.
I love the Joby Action GorillaPod. It has flexible arms allowing you to attach it to just about anything. It also comes with a ball head for making quick level adjustments. To use the GorillaPod with your phone, you’ll need a tripod mount adapter. I like this one from Puroma because it has a swivel for mounting your phone in any orientation.
Buy the Joby Action GorillaPod at
Buy the Puroma Tripod Mount Adapter at

Wewow Smartphone Gimbal

Gimbals are all the rage in professional video production because they produce buttery-smooth moving shots. There are many gimbals on the market designed specifically for smartphones, but I like this one from Wewow, because it takes only a minute to set up and can be broken down and stored in the cargo pocket of my shorts or trousers. What really made this gimbal attractive is the price – It’s less than $100 on Amazon.
Buy the Wewow Fancy Grip Smartphone Gimbal at

JOBY GripTight POV Kit- Image Stabilizer

Smartphones are not ergonomically designed for shooting. It’s quite unnatural to hold a camera between your thumb and index finger. Not only is your phone one bump away from flying out of your hand, your shots will be unnecessarily shaky. The GripTight POV Kit from Joby is not a typical smartphone grip. It has a plastic loop that allows you to insert up to 3 fingers, making your phone very secure and stable when shooting. I love shooting around water, and before purchasing this grip, I would always feel uneasy.
As an added benefit, the GripTight comes with a removeable Bluetooth shutter release button that will allow you to trigger a photo or start a video recording. The device is also small enough to fit in your pocket and can be used as a camera platform for shooting timelapse videos or watching Netflix.
Buy the JOBY GripTight POV Kit- Image Stabilizer w/ Bluetooth Remote at

Watershot Pro iPhone Underwater Housing

I’ve been a SCUBA diver since I was 16 and a big part of my enjoyment of the underwater world is shooting images I can share with others. The Watershot Pro is a seriously rugged housing for the iPhone and includes an app that will allow you to trigger a photo or video recording while underwater.
Even if you don’t SCUBA dive, it’s the best housing on the market for Snorkeling, Water Skiing, Boating; or any action sport where your phone will be put under harsh conditions.
Buy the iPhone 6 Underwater Housing Kit by Watershot PRO at
Buy the Watershot PRO Housing for iPhone 7 Flat Lens Port at

Grip Gear’s Movie Maker Set

The dolly and tracking shot is a staple of filmmaking and is part of the visual grammar we associate with the cinematic experience. Grip Gear’s Movie Maker Set is a portable slider that’s specifically engineered for lightweight cameras such as the iPhone and GoPro camera. It breaks down into small pieces that can be thrown into a backpack, assembled in minutes, and powered from a pair of AAA batteries.
If you don’t have batteries (or they die on location), the motorized head can be powered by any portable USB power pack. The slider can be mounted using a set of legs or it can be mounted to a tripod. It has 8 different speed settings and can be controlled by an infrared remote. As an added bonus, the motorized head can be used as a 360 degree panoramic timelapse system.
Buy the Grip Gear’s Movie Maker Set at

BullyEyes Lens Attachment

As photographers and filmmakers our choice of lens is an important part of our storytelling toolset. While you cannot swap out your iPhone lens, there are some very good lens adaptors on the market that will enable you to shoot close up, wide angle and telephoto shots.
One such company, BullyEyes, makes a very nice lens adaptor that clips onto your iPhone. The kit includes two lenses in one – a wide and a macro. To turn the wide lens into a macro lens, just unscrew the top part of the lens. The kit comes with a soft pouch and lens caps for protecting the glass. The best part is the price.
Buy the BullyEyes Phone Lens Attachment: Ultra Wide Angle Lens w/ Macro Lens at

Taousa Clip-On Portable Mini Pocket Spotlight

I wanted to save the best for last. As you may or may not know, the iPhone, like all small sensor cameras, has challenges capturing noise-free images in low light settings. While each version of the iPhone is getting better at this, it never hurts to add some light to your shots.
I came across the Taousa Mini Pocket Spotlight when I was surfing Amazon one day. What intrigued me was the price. It was only $16, how good could it be? It’s a clip-on LED light that is roughly the size of a silver dollar. There are 3 different brightness settings but boy, does it pack a punch.
I’ve used it as a kicker light for an interview, a fill light and even a miniature light. When it’s not busy lighting your movie subjects, you can clip it to your shirt or blouse for hands-free illumination on a camping trip. It’s the little light that could.
Buy the Taousa Universal Led Fill-in Light Clip-On Portable Mini Pocket Spotlight at